Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Change is coming!

Dragonfly Magik almost has it's new look completed now! What do you all think of the work I've done so far?

I am hoping to have a stocking up within the next fortnight. So many things have been happening here that I have been unable to get anything ready yet. I have a heap of PUL drawn up for hubby to cut though YAY! Then tonight will be spent cutting minky and bamboo... maybe get some snapping done this evening and get stuck right into these customs that are weighting me down! Wish me luck :D

I have to ask here - please don't get upset if I reject your request for custom nappies. The pressure is much too great and the nappies become very difficult for everyone to have a chance at scoring them ;) Custom places will be available at each stocking for a MAXIMUM of 3 nappies. Sorry to have to write this all the time, but it has to be said so I don't feel so guilty about rejecting requests *blush*

I do hope everyone is well!

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