Sunday, June 13, 2010

6 months - aren't I SLACK :0

Hiya Dragonfly Magik followers!

WOW 6months between blogging, aren't I terrible!!! AND to think it's taken me even longer than that to get the new website up and running also! All in good time ;)

So what's happened in the past 6months you ask?  We moved from suburbia to total country living! Boy oh boy has it been a massive change! We now have land! We now have happy children who always have something to do! We now have chooks and a duck hehehe! We're now HAPPY! It has been a wonderful change for us! Most certainly a change for the better that's for sure!

We've had multiple things go wrong, multiple illnesses and multiple down right annoying times but all is on the up and up! Finally!

Most importantly where DM is concerned - WE NOW HAVE AN EMBROIDERY MACHINE! Practice is making perfect and I am rather confident with using the little beauty now!  I am completing a few customs at present, and then I will be working on doing the biggest stocking of embroidered goodies for the DM site re-launch at the end of next month YAY! More details will become available closer to the time both on here and our facebook page so please keep an eye out on there if you're looking for some magikal goodness!

Always open to suggestion on what you'd like to see embroidered on your fav nappies too, so please feel free to comment below here :)

I hope everyone is well and the skies are shining down on you!