Monday, July 27, 2009

We're moving!

Hiya Everyone :)

Firstly, thank-you all for your interest in the auctions I held just last week! It was nice to do something a little different for a change!

Now the coming months at Dragonfly Magik are going to be a little slow so please bear this in mind as........


YAY! So so very excited about this! It's a lovely (old - 1942) Californian Bungalow style 3bedder. We are in LOVE! It's on 1.25acres, we have 3 vegie patches set up, 12 fruit trees, a grape vine, outdoor studio YAY for DM LOL, outdoor workshop, huge garage, shed, chicken coop, cubby house complete with power.... I'm sure I'm missing something along the way. I'm just so excited!

For these reasons I will be doing some surprise stockings and perhaps some pre-sales also. Just depends on how much spare time I have on my hands. I am assuming it's not going to be a great deal LOL. Right now I have nothing made up for stockings as I am filling custom orders but I will post here on my blog, NA and my newsletter also when there's nappies available!

Thanks everyone! I hope you're all well!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Customs :)

The fruits of our labour LOL. Almost up to date with customs!!! The above bleong to Kellie and Nat, thanks so much for our squishy swap Kellie, you rock my world :P

Below are part 1 of Kara's customs, she had the embroidery specially made and sent to me, and let's just say I SOOOOOO wanted to keep that elephant nappy LOL.

Enjoy ladies!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Change to Dragonfly Magik :)

Hiya One and All :)

How are we all? Things are super busy here as always. No rest for the wicked! ~ yes I agree, I do say that phrase perhaps far too much - it must be true then :P

We have decided to do monthly stockings from now on, after much discussion with a very lovely customer of ours ~ you know who you are :P The 13th of each month will hopefully see a good monster stocking for young and old hehehe. This will take a bit of stress away from us too and will hopefully work well for everyone!

We do have some secrets up our sleeve too which will break the monthly drought, but until then we have to leave you all hanging in suspense!

We're eagerly looking for a tree change too! So much has happened here (personally and professionally) this past year that we are really aching for something different. A change in scenery would do us the world of good! Unfortunately my Hubby lost his job back in April so while he is unemployed and our kiddies are only young we're thinking about a move to the country! If this happens you'll all be the first to know! So please keep us in your "good vibes" thoughts :D

I hope everyone is well! Thank-you again for all your support! YOU keep Dragonfly Magik alive!

Lotsa love,
Kirsty :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mini Stocking Ahoy!

Up they went, and gone they were. Seriously I don't know how you mamas are so quick PMSL... In all my years of using the internet I still suck so badly at scoring the good things (even those I create LOL we have all the seconds mainly :P).

We will be churning the next stocking out between filling our custom orders :D

Thanks everyone, you sure make me smile!

Website vent!

Well our stock was to go live about an hour ago BUT my website has hit a terrible glitch with my admin side of things. All stock, invoicing etc has disappeared.

I am awaiting help but until then there's not much more I can do, sorry :(

I will have the nappies live, newsletter's sent etc etc just as soon as I can.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To stock or not to stock... that is the question!

LOL. We will be having a *small* stocking this week everyone ;) I am unsure of which day yet, but pictures will go live either later today or tomorrow some time. A newsletter will be posted and a post at Nappy Addicts after they have gone live :D

Hopefully our second *surprise* stocking will run a little smoother than the first!

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone!