Friday, July 13, 2012

Going Away for a little while

Heya Everyone,

How are we all going? Things have been quite rough around the edges here these past few months and it's time for me to go back into hospital for a while in the next few days. Most would know I suffer quite severe mental illness and it's gotten to that point again where I need the extra help.

Dragonfly Magik will therefore be on a forced holiday, but we will be back up and running as normal just as soon as possible.

Thank-you everyone!
<3 Kirsty

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A little market research to bring about change :-)

How is everyone?  Well I hope <3

So at the moment we are doing a little market research.  Releasing a workhorse nappy in either plain PUL, or plain minky is what we currently have in mind. They will of course be the same Dragonfly Magik nappy you all know and love - minus the pretties :-)

What we would like to know from you is:
  • Do you prefer plain minky or plain PUL for your workhorse nappies?
  • What are your favourite colours?
  • Would you like to see a workhorse range over at Dragonfly Magik?
  • What do you like most about Dragonfly Magik & is there anything else you would like to see from us?

Many thanks everyone & Brightest Blessings,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally we return to our Blog after 24months!!!!

My goodness, has it really been 12months since we used our blog? Finally we've found one another again YAY!

I don't even know where to begin, so much has happened in our lives since my last post. We went through the Victorian floods and were very heavily affected..... I spent a great deal of time in and out of hospital with my mental health - the last stay back in August/September where I endured 6wks of ECT (shock therapy). Things have been rocky for us the past 24months but I'd like to think Dragonfly Magik hasn't been too badly affected over all :-)

At present we are conducting a co-op which is going to keep us fairly occupied for the next couple of months, but we'll be around and list the odd nappy here and there :-) We are also in the process of *maybe* having Dragonfly Magik appear on one other website for your viewing and buying pleasure. I will announce more information both here and Facebook when or if that occurs :-)

Today is my middle baby's 8th birthday and I have a house full of noisy children so best I sign off here.

Would love to hear what you have all been up to the past couple years :-)

Kirsty <3