Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miss T's Birthday Goodies #2

Here we have the second addition to Miss T's third Birthday Gift :)

* A little dolly nappy bag
* DM dolly Ai2 nappy
* Cloth Wipes :P
* Sleeping Bag/Change mat in one

Sorry for the dodgy pictures, it's late and dark so their quality is shonky but I wanted to put this up here. They're all so cool the pictures just don't do them justice if I do say so myself!

To this I will be adding a pair of dolly longies and a beanie if I can figure out how to knit one LOL. I am still yet to finish Miss T's rainbow longies... and still no Rainbow Brite LOL.

I hope everyone is well!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mini Stocking :D

Mini stocking tonight at around 8.30pm!!!

Should we let a few go live?

Lots of emails are rolling in to see when our nappies are going live. At this stage we are not purposely teasing you all, we are just waiting on the exciting launch of our brand new look website! At present our renovations are under way as you may have noticed, and we're so excited we can barely sit still!

To celebrate commencing our renovations, would you like to see just a few of those previewing nappies go live so the wait is not so bad? What do you all think? A taste of the magik to come :P

Happy to follow what you all think! Hope everyone is well and enjoying their cloth journey!

Brightest Blessings,

Monday, May 25, 2009

Miss T's Birthday Goodies #1

So this year our little princess will be three (June 6th) and the plan is to have her birthday gifts all Mummy made :) Here is the first lot I have completed for her! The cupcake was Kara's idea - where are you Kara so I can spit my dummy at you hehehe. It took sooooo long to do and ended up being all blue, but it does look kind of funky now if I do say so myself :P

The next lot is a pair of rainbow coloured longies and I am hoping and praying someone might have some Rainbow Brite Fabric to offload to me so I can applique it on a shirt for Miss T.. anyone? I will upload some pics of that set too once it's done!

After those I am hoping to make a dolly nappy bag and a few fun things for Miss T. She so desperately needs clothes right now as she's growing like a weed so I thought the two outfits I make her are very much needed but she also requires some fun things for her special day :D

Thanks for looking hehee!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stripes, at your request :P

More nappies are up and previewing for your viewing pleasure ;) As per some requests we have made some more stripes nappies. This one here really appeals to me, so thought I'd place it in here too :P

We decided to use our Medallion Minky and am so pleased with how they came out! Such a lovely patterned nappy if I do say so myself!

Our new website is getting closer by the day and the bits and pieces we've seen of it look absolutely wonderful! My design lady is going to be run off her feet with work once she gets this awesome website up and running I bet!

Our bamboo is now here and dry, so we have a lot of booster sewing to do! Best get to it ;)

Hope you all had a lovely week-end!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Previews starting to go up :)

Previews for our next stocking are beginning to appear on the website now :P There's some lovely new prints from Minky Delight, and some good ol' favourites in there also.

There will not be any halves or stripes this stocking, but perhaps you might see them in the next one :P

We're still only taking custom orders via slots available every now and again through the website. Please do not ask for special slots as I really hate to disappoint people. At this stage it is much less stressful for me to work on instocks - and makes it much more fair for everyone to try and score a nappy :) Thank-you for your understanding and support!

I think I have sat at the PC for long enough now :P

Happy viewing everyone!

Brightest Blessings,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Facelift in the making!

My apologies, I accidentally deleted my other blog so it looks as though we're really starting from scratch in here now :)

I was lucky enough to have "met" an absolutely wonderful up and coming webdesigner who is taking on the huge task of creating a wonderful and unique new website for us. The best thing to compliment your favourite nappies :P

At this stage I am as excited as a child in a lolly store (having already ingested way too much sugar LOL). The new look is a surprise to me! I gave some examples of layouts I was interested in, shared my passions and in the making is the new us! It is going to be ready quicker than I thought so please excuse any minor hiccups with the website in the mean time :P

Joining our new look will be a nice stocking for you all too! Some lovely new fabrics in the making. They will start going up as previews so you can eye off and plan to hyena the ones that catch your eye most. Stocking date will be advised via newsletter, so if you're not on the newsletter and would like to be, please visit the front page of our website here to sign up via the sign up box.

Enjoy your week everyone!
Brightest Blessings,

Monday, May 18, 2009

We found our Blog!!!

YAY the original Dragonfly Magik blog is back! I have deleted all the entries from the past few years to start here fresh again :)

I will import the past couple of blog entries from my website here too!

Brightest Blessings,