Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy...

Insomnia blues = lots of knitting too LOL. Here's Miss T in her Tikki Dress :P It hasn't been washed or blocked yet though so it should sit a lot nicer once that's done ;)

So our last stocking sold out in absolute record time again! It sure is hard to keep up with the hyenas LOL.

The surprise stocking allowed some new customers a chance to get their hands on some DM's, so it is our decision now to hold all surprise stockings. Keeps things on the lower end of the stress spectrum for me too ;) Approximate times/days will still be announced via here, Nappy Addicts and my newsletter of course.

Right now we are working on getting our swaps out of the way and still the last few lots of customs, another stocking should be in the next couple of weeks too :)

This week we have quite a lot of appointments and things so please keep this in mind if you are waiting on correspondence from me :)

I hope you're all well!


Jojo said...

Awww how gorgeous :)
I never block until after I take pics lol. I'm too eager to try them on Laila!

I've lost one of my fave DM's :( It's been missing for ages and I can't for the life of me figure out what happened to it *cry*
Only think I can think of is that DH left it in a parent's room at the shops *sigh*


Dragonfly Magik said...

Oh no, how sad Jojo :( I hope it just turns up one day for you! Nothing worse than losing a favourite!
Yes it's your facebook pics that encouraged me to make one for Miss T :P I love the kimono too but can't work it out LOL.
I hope you're well hun!

Jojo said...

Aww thanks for your comment :)

It would be so cool if we had a dyeing day. Come and visit me ;) Would love to dye your wool for you hehe!

Oh and I'm totally jealous of your merino delivery!!