Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miss T's Birthday Goodies #2

Here we have the second addition to Miss T's third Birthday Gift :)

* A little dolly nappy bag
* DM dolly Ai2 nappy
* Cloth Wipes :P
* Sleeping Bag/Change mat in one

Sorry for the dodgy pictures, it's late and dark so their quality is shonky but I wanted to put this up here. They're all so cool the pictures just don't do them justice if I do say so myself!

To this I will be adding a pair of dolly longies and a beanie if I can figure out how to knit one LOL. I am still yet to finish Miss T's rainbow longies... and still no Rainbow Brite LOL.

I hope everyone is well!


Jojo said...

What an absolutely awesome present!!!!!!
Jealous much ;)

Dragonfly Magik said...

Hehehe Thanks Jojo :D