Monday, May 25, 2009

Miss T's Birthday Goodies #1

So this year our little princess will be three (June 6th) and the plan is to have her birthday gifts all Mummy made :) Here is the first lot I have completed for her! The cupcake was Kara's idea - where are you Kara so I can spit my dummy at you hehehe. It took sooooo long to do and ended up being all blue, but it does look kind of funky now if I do say so myself :P

The next lot is a pair of rainbow coloured longies and I am hoping and praying someone might have some Rainbow Brite Fabric to offload to me so I can applique it on a shirt for Miss T.. anyone? I will upload some pics of that set too once it's done!

After those I am hoping to make a dolly nappy bag and a few fun things for Miss T. She so desperately needs clothes right now as she's growing like a weed so I thought the two outfits I make her are very much needed but she also requires some fun things for her special day :D

Thanks for looking hehee!


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