Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Facelift in the making!

My apologies, I accidentally deleted my other blog so it looks as though we're really starting from scratch in here now :)

I was lucky enough to have "met" an absolutely wonderful up and coming webdesigner who is taking on the huge task of creating a wonderful and unique new website for us. The best thing to compliment your favourite nappies :P

At this stage I am as excited as a child in a lolly store (having already ingested way too much sugar LOL). The new look is a surprise to me! I gave some examples of layouts I was interested in, shared my passions and in the making is the new us! It is going to be ready quicker than I thought so please excuse any minor hiccups with the website in the mean time :P

Joining our new look will be a nice stocking for you all too! Some lovely new fabrics in the making. They will start going up as previews so you can eye off and plan to hyena the ones that catch your eye most. Stocking date will be advised via newsletter, so if you're not on the newsletter and would like to be, please visit the front page of our website here to sign up via the sign up box.

Enjoy your week everyone!
Brightest Blessings,

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