Friday, August 21, 2009

Pic of our lil piece of heaven on earth :) & DM update :)

Hiya All :)

Just thought I would put a pic up of our gorgeous lil house! I won't bore you all with every detail again but thought I'd show you where Dragonfly Magik is moving to :p Once we've moved and settled (settlement is meant to be October) I will add lots more pics of our whole property. We're very exciting and a wee bit exhausted already getting everything in place to move , but it's all very well worth it :D

DM should be up and running on a very small basis soon too, I just can't stay away from those machines LOL. Lead times will be longer than usual as can be expected... but at least they'll be available :D

I hope you're all well! Thanks again for all your support, you're the best bunch of customers any business could ask for!

Much love,



Alysha said...

Oh Kirsty it's so cute!! Can't wait to see some pics of the rest of it :) xx

Bec said...

Oh it's lovely!! Very quaint! congrats on the house, I hope all goes smoothly with settlement.

Dragonfly Magik said...

Thanks everyone :D We love it hehehe, just waiting on the exact settlement date and then we're off YAY!


fairystar32 said...

thats so pretty xx
good luck with the move xx