Monday, July 27, 2009

We're moving!

Hiya Everyone :)

Firstly, thank-you all for your interest in the auctions I held just last week! It was nice to do something a little different for a change!

Now the coming months at Dragonfly Magik are going to be a little slow so please bear this in mind as........


YAY! So so very excited about this! It's a lovely (old - 1942) Californian Bungalow style 3bedder. We are in LOVE! It's on 1.25acres, we have 3 vegie patches set up, 12 fruit trees, a grape vine, outdoor studio YAY for DM LOL, outdoor workshop, huge garage, shed, chicken coop, cubby house complete with power.... I'm sure I'm missing something along the way. I'm just so excited!

For these reasons I will be doing some surprise stockings and perhaps some pre-sales also. Just depends on how much spare time I have on my hands. I am assuming it's not going to be a great deal LOL. Right now I have nothing made up for stockings as I am filling custom orders but I will post here on my blog, NA and my newsletter also when there's nappies available!

Thanks everyone! I hope you're all well!


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